unwinnable freecellHello Rick, I am a new PC owner and I have become addicted to the Windows game FreeCell. A friend tells me some games are unwinnable, is this true and can you tell me which ones they are?
Emily Craig

A. There are 32,000 FreeCell games and as far as I’m aware only one of them has no solution. The game in question is number 11982 and it has defied the efforts of the best human players and some powerful FreeCell-playing programs. If you are looking for a challenge the most difficult games are 454, 718, 1941, 6182, 8591, 13867, 14548, 20630, 21283, 21365 and 25856 (press F3 to enter the game number). In fact there are three unwinnable games but the other two are unofficial ‘test’ games. To try them out enter game number -1 and -2. I won’t spoil it for you by revealing the ‘cheat’ that lets you win any game (but you’ll find it buried in the Top Tips archive on the BootLog  website here) and there’s also a way to ‘fix’ your score (the maxiumum possible is 65535) by editing the Windows Registry, but that’s definitely off-limits to novices.